Cambuslodge opened in 1989.  Its objective is to provide a home for adults with a learning disability where they can live an ordinary and valued life, developing their basic skills so that in the long-term, they will be able to live independently or to have their independence increased.


Cambuslodge accommodates five adults; all with mild learning disabilities.  They are supported by a regular staff team featuring full and part time staff whose main tasks include the supervision of the residents and encouraging them to develop existing skills, learn new skills and continue with ordinary activities.


The house is situated on a main road and is accessible by buses (bus stop directly outside the house).  There are a number of shops within a short walking distance including a post office; there are also local pubs, which are frequented.  The nearest underground station is Fulham Broadway, which is approximately a 10 minute walk away.

Our residents see the house as their own home and as a “nice place”.  Sharing ideas and giving advice is common among the residents.  Sharing experiences or preferences contribute to the harmonious working relationships 

OUR Residential support workers

Our residential support workers (R.S.W.) have experience in the care field and have completed or in the process of completing an in-depth Induction program which goes beyond the minimum Standards and the Care Certificate forms part of the Induction process before moving onto the Health and Social Care Diploma at level 2 and 3.  Existing staff have either completed Health and Social care Level 2 or 3 or coming the end of completion.  Staff undertake training organised by the manager outside of the home.  In general, the home promotes courses, which improve the standards of staff, and the services provided to the residents.



People who are described as having a learning disability are individuals with the same human value and rights as everyone else.

The purpose of Cambuslodge is to enable people with a learning disability to improve the quality of their lives.

 Cambuslodge defines “quality of life” as being:

 Cambuslodge works to achieve this purpose by: 


Cambuslodge aims to provide high quality, cost effective residential care and support to people with a learning disability to achieve greater equality of opportunity. Cambuslodge caters for people with mild learning disabilities.  The staff ratio is such that 1 member of staff is on duty at night, i.e., sleep in.

The residents are encouraged to make their own decisions and choices in regards to how the service is run. This includes, for example, decoration and furnishings.

The residents are actively encouraged to register with the general practitioner, dentist and other primary care providers as well as health and social services. Each resident will be appointed a designated key worker who will support the co-ordination of activities, services, experiences and care plans. 


Cambuslodge has established an equality and diversity policy. The staff work as a team in an efficient and effective way.  The group is aware of the objectives and each individual works as a team member in achieving those objectives.  There is a good working relationship in the home with staff supporting each other.  The form of organisation is participatory and the manager is willing to delegate to staff in order to improve their confidence and development.  The home has established an equal opportunity policy, which ensures that there is no discrimination towards residents or staff.

In relation to the residents, a key working system has been implemented which means that each resident has one member of staff specially allocated to him or her.  The key worker has the responsibility of devising the P.C.P. in conjunction with the key client and for ensuring that this plan is followed and any necessary changes are made.  The key worker can also act as an advocate for their key client when necessary as well as maintaining contact with any relevant people and regularly review the key clients’ development.

Holidays are also arranged either annually or bi-annually.  In the past, holidaying has taken place in Spain, U.S.A., Jamaica, Greece, Turkey, and Ireland as well as on the mainland. 

2019-2020 CQC Report

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